Noriko Jazz Band

Noriko is living proof that refined talent, ambition, and honest musical interaction can still prevail in an ailing music industry. Noriko’s Jazz Band is comprised of unique and immersive jazz artists dedicated to keeping the craft alive and relevant to modern ears.

Cole Tinney


Noriko has a longstanding professional relationship with pianist, Cole Tinney. Cole’s piano playing merges the beauty of jazz from decades past with the edge of contemporary pop artists like Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars. In addition to Noriko’s Jazz Band, Cole plays piano with many ballet companies, jazz projects, touring pop artists, and musical theatre productions. To check out more from Cole Tinney, please click here.

Emilio  Suarez

Acoustic/Electric Bassist

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Todd Stewart


Marcos Flo

Acoustic/Electric Bassist

James Huumo

Pianist/Keyboardist/Electric Bassist

Daniel Ruiz


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Colin Sankey

Acoustic/Electric Bassist

Noriko’s rhythm section comes to life with bassist, Colin Sankey. Colin is a talented bassist, equally skilled in both the electric and the upright bass. Colin’s musical influences range from driving rhythmic artists like Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten, to rock icons like Pink Floyd and Queen. In addition to Noriko’s Jazz Band, Colin plays with many commercial artists, jazz artists, and with a world fusion rock-pop band ELEVEN 09, and with his original band Air Stranger. Please click here to check out more from Colin Sankey. (

Colin Matson-Jones


Noriko has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with critically acclaimed guitarist, Colin Matson-Jones. Colin’s guitar playing is likened to poetry for the ears. Colin has performed all over the world, touring with many esteemed bands, musicians, and theatrical productions. Colin has released several EPs and is currently awaiting the release of his debut full length album, “Whose Hungry?” Please check out more from Colin, click here. (

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