Photo by Michael Boyle


Jazz Vocalist

Often compared to the likes of Judy Garland, Natalie Cole, Sarah McLachlan, and even Diana Krall. The muli-talented Noriko is a jazz artist that refuses to be put in any box. Her style draws from her vast cultural experiences, dynamic vocal and emotional range, and from her ability to bring life into any work. In addition to being a classically trained vocalist, Noriko is a diverse multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, piano, trumpet, and ukulele.

Noriko has graced many stages internationally. Her performing career began as a dancer in Japan. Noriko worked as a professional dancer in Tokyo, her favourite work included Broadway revue shows in the style of Bob Fosse. In addition to her work with her Jazz colleagues, Noriko has had the pleasure of performing at many private events, functions, and galas.

At her regular performances, audiences can expect to be wowed by the variety of material ranging from sultry traditional Jazz Standards, to Pop, R&B, Funk and traditional Japanese music.  One of her current shows is a James Bond Jazz show, where she presents all 26 James Bond themes with her own unique jazz arrangements.

Noriko grew up in Japan. Her mother was an instrumental part in her development as an artist. Noriko’s mother would sing around the house all the time, her favourite song was “Over the Rainbow.” Noriko’s mother recognized her talent at a young age and put her in piano lessons, Kodaly solfege, and choir. With the support and influence of her parents, Noriko has been able to pursue a life in the arts and has been blessed with many opportunities.

Noriko explores a new cultural hybrid of jazz and traditional Japanese culture. Live, her audiences become entranced with the intimacy of her performances and blown away by the spectacular presentation of traditional kimonos and Japanese attire. Noriko has the unique ability to blend the intricate melodies of jazz with the somber, playful, and spiritual nature of Japanese culture.

Noriko recently recorded an EP,  Noricoco.  The EP features 5 jazz standards and a hit song from her James Bond Jazz Show.

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